Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorable Game 1: R. Gentil - RLP 02.26.86 0-1

Chesstiger asks in the comments to the previous post "to see a game of you against a higher ranked player just to see how well you can play if needed."

As I noted, a couple of weeks ago my chess archives arrived after almost seven months in storage. I was thinking about a game to post and remembered the one below, the memory of which has remained vivid during the 23 years since it was played. While I was higher rated at the time, Ron Gentil peaked at 1868 USCF in 1993, about 40 points higher than my own peak in 1990. I would add that I ran into Ron a few years ago at a tournament in Reno, and he is still, as always, a gracious gentleman.

While I was rated slightly higher at the time, ratings actually have no bearing at all on the charm this game has always had for me. Sure, the opponent made mistakes, but a creative idea followed up with what seem to be nothing but good moves, all the way to mate...

Enough of the self-flattery, here is the game:

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chesstiger said...

Indeed a wonderfull game! Actually, not to pounch myself to much on the chest, but after black played 0-0 i was waiting for Nxg4 which shaters the complete pawn structure of white or else wins a pawn and rook.

The follow up was indeed nicely played and after you gained the knight on c3 with 15. ... Qb4 it was as if white was already mourning his death.

Like you said, the main fault of white was not developing his pieces. A game out of one piece, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

second post