Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tommyg is BACK!

Great news. If I recall, his previous blog was "Chess and Music" but he deleted it in one of those spurs of the moment. Now he's got The Prodigal Pawn up, especially analyzing games--his own and others:

I will concentrate mostly on analysis of games (mine and others) and on reviews of books and/or software. I will from time to time post about improvement concepts as I see them. I don't want to beat the improvement thing to death as I am only just improving and have no hardcore evidence as to what does or does not work. Be that as it may, I am an opinionated person, so I will share those opinions once in awhile. :)

Nice job here analyzing a Thompson-Morphy game.

Welcome back, Tommyg!


Tommyg said...

Thanks for the welcome back! It is good to be back. By the way I noticed in your profile under favorite music that you had AC/DC and Sinatra back to back! LOVE THAT! Two of my desert island candidate records are AC/DC's "Back in Black" and Sinatra's "Come Dance With Me".

chesstiger said...

It was a pity that he left awhile ago so Hooray that he is back!

Hiddenleaf said...

In fact it was "drums and chess", altough I preferred to call it "drumsand chess".

Good to hear he's back he has good and interesting material.

Wahrheit said...

That's right Hiddneleaf, thanks for the correction.