Monday, April 06, 2009

Calling Chessvine's Colonel Crockett

(For those readers less familiar with United States history, Davy Crockett is a famous figure of the American frontier. He was also a Congressman, but we won't hold that against him).

Nowadays Col. Crockett runs an excellent chess news and opinion blog, Yes kids, it's true, he secretly escaped from The Alamo and pursued a number of careers, sub rosa, before becoming a leading light of the online chess world.

Did I mention that he wrote a very flattering post about my piece on the Caro-Kann? That has, of course, nothing to do with this post; just coincidence, I'm sure. Then, in "What is Robert Pearson Doing Right?" he explains why this little blog is "well-placed search engine optimized." The funny thing is, it turns out I was optimizing without knowing it! Bloggers, I highly recommend you take the Colonel's recommendations seriously if you want to increase traffic.

Right now, if you Google "Robert Pearson" guess what the very top result is? This blog, beating out various artists, writers and diplomats who share that distinguished name. Is Google really, really smart, or really, really stupid? I guess I truly am optimized!

And by the way, why are you still here reading my drivel?

Hie thee over to as the other side of the pillow.


ColonelCrockett said...


I especially like all the 'link love' in this post.

I've played on alot of sites and joined alot of chess forums with the User ID "ColonelCrockett" because it is very memorable and unique. However, up until now I've never heard such a brilliantly contrived explanation. kudos again on the good work!

James Stripes said...

Google owns Blogger! That's the source of optimization.

ColonelCrockett said...

RE: James Stripes you said: "Google owns Blogger! That's the source of optimization."

While that is a valid point (because blogger blogs are easier for Google to crawl by full permissions - all very techy)

However, if it were entirely true Susan Polgar's blog would outperform Robert's. This is not the case ... see my article and I think you'll see why (hint: original content).

chesstiger said...


unita_logica said...

okay so... no offense intended, but why should we care? :)

ColonelCrockett said...

RE: unita_logica I guess I juts don't understand this question. Which point is it that you're responding to with "Why should we care?"