Monday, September 15, 2008

Announcement Soon

I'll be posting again next week, with exciting news updates.

Exciting to me, anyway.

In the meantime, hit the sidebar links fro some actual content.

It's gonna be great, friends. Really.


Anonymous said...

Oh comeon, dont let us hang like this. Tell us already! :-)

transformation said...

yes, it shall be heard with warm tides of joy!

Anonymous said...

Not to be a spoiler, but the next announcement is going to be another announcement.

Polly said...

We are on pins and needles waiting for the announcement. :-)

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this announcement is the last post he ever posted? ;-)

Anonymous said...

It might be the last post, there was supposed to be an announcement last week.

Blue Devil Knight said...

One thing I've learned is to not give specific dates that I'll update. I give my true estimate, and multiply it by two and then give the range.

Umm, in this case that algorithm wouldn't have worked. :O

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Anonymous said...

BDK: LOL. There's some "rule" for programmers estimating time of completion...forget the name...double the quantity and move up to the next size in time (so a 4 hour estimate becomes 8 days)

tanc(happyhippo) said...

lol. :)

now i know what to tell my boss when my project is behind schedule. .

chesslovers said...

I'm waiting like you but not for too long.
my fans from your blog.