Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brief Hiatus

I will be off the air for a bit while I pursue some other projects. Will return, bigger and better than ever, probably in a matter of weeks.


tanc(happyhippo) said...

Best of luck for your projects.

Do let us know how they turn out too!

cheers and take care

transformation said...

best wishes, dk

Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, hiatus? I just got back! What are you talking about a hiatus? Eric

Polly said...

What is there a rule against having too many members of the same chess club blogging at the same time? When one comes back, somebody has to take a hiatus.

Fortunately I'm the only blogger at my local club. The Marshall has enough emmbers that it's not possible to have too many bloggers there.

Eric Shoemaker said...

Polly, you're a very funny individual, perhaps "stand-up" is necessary. When Robert comes back, I may be forced "according to the rules" to go on a hiatus! Hate when that happens (ha-ha).