Friday, May 23, 2008

Global eBook Middlegame Collaborative


Phaedrus of Chess Vision and dk-transformation of Chess Improvement have announced their

Global eBook Middlegame Collaborative!

The full announcement is here and here:

Phaedrus, and Transformation, have organized themselves as a cooperative effort, to create an eBook generated from the lesser known--but perhaps the most comprehensively useful--of Lazlo Polgar's three books often referred to as Bricks. To do so alone would exhaust most mortals, so we purport to accomplish this by combined and shared efforts upon Polgar's comprehensive book: 'Chess Middlegame, 77 Types in 4,158 Positions'.

Ardent students of systematic chess improvement are invited to join. We only ask for your time, and necessarily of course, confidentiality as to our communications such as email and identities.


If interested, get in touch with these fine gentlemen! I believe this project can only help to improve the chess of those who participate.


transformation said...

Robert, this is very kind of you and both Phaedrus and I very greatly appreciate your effort to assist our getting the word out. warmest, dk

PS you are a very bright guy, so best of luck with the LSAT. BTW, Phaedrus studied similar in Europe a few years back!

Blue Devil Knight said...

Good luck.

DK, BDK, RP, CL, Ph, and Temp are in a room with a round table with seven chairs.

DK must sit next to PH, and not next to BDK. CL must sit across from BDK and next to Temp, while RP must have an empty seat next to him. Which of the following must be true:
A. BDK has an empty chair next to him.
B. Tempo is next to RP
C. CL is next to BDK.
D. Ph is across from an empty chair.

You have seven seconds to answer before the table and chairs self-destruct.

I hated those freaking questions. They don't even ask them on the GRE anymore. Grrr. But you lucky LSAT takers still get the logic game torture. Fun when done on one's own time, but in time pressure...for me just not fun.

transformation said...

or the United States has four empty chairs at the head of Government, and during the break all the rich persons have stolen the money. The poor workers get documented for 'supposed violations' at their corporate oligopolized multinational company run for the benefit of the shareholders while the ecology suffers, and folks after work glued to their televisions watching "Deal or No Deal" and Condi Rice on CNBC, as she did Friday, say 'that conversation is not the answer' but increased energy on shore exploration and production. this weekend, Indy 500 and yes, lets burn the planet! use all the fuel.

In Seattle, the food bank had 200 a day five years ago. It was 300 a day two years ago. Five hundred a day two months ago. Eight hundred a day yesterday. I know the director. a tall most impressive golaith from Fiji with a menacing beard and waving poneytail, right out of the Mahabarata epic tale with Vishnu and Krishna.

exam question: who can fix this or are we screwed.

but, seriously now: tripple bravo BDK, u r a genius. wonderful. in from my run and this sweet joy to read!

Wahrheit said...

Heh, thanks guys for all the support...I guess :)

Maybe I can become a lawyer who actually does a bit of good in the world. I'll report back on logic games progress after the Big Day.

Blue Devil Knight said...

DK: lol. yes, we are screwed I think.