Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Frank K. Berry 2008 U.S. Ch. and Other Web Stuff

The 2008 United States Chess Championship(s) (website here) have begun, and I think it's very cool that they (men's and women's) are called the "Frank K. Berry 2008 U.S. Chess Championship(s)" because again this year Mr. Berry put up the simoleons to make this a fairly lucrative event. Given that the USCF has been pretty spotty over the years in managing and organizing this very important tournament it's a good thing that there's a wealthy person who's interested.

Edwin Meyer, the artist formerly known as ookwelbekendalsemc has taken down his blog again, and Liquid Egg Product has a eulogy and...the new secret identity?

Chessloser makes his own pasta, mmmmmm!

Blunderprone makes a movie about the "cult" tempest over at Liz Vicary's. The man is a cinematic genius! Oh, Ms. Vicary also posted this (presumably to make sure we're paying attention):

Wang has a nice long post on how to learn an opening.

Chess Improvement (dk) covers something I haven't seen discussed a lot elsewhere; the coming age of Chinese chess(?)

Dana Mackenzie points out two excellent articles by Andy Hortillosa on the process of choosing a move.

Formerly Pale Rider formerly a couple of other blog names, aka Eric Shoemaker the guy I'm probably playing tomorrow at the Reno Chess Club is now blogging as/at The Green Hornet. He's almost as hard to track as Edwin Meyer, but at least we can find him.

Reassembler: Please stop playing this opening! By the way, not only can the 2. ...Nf6 Centre-Countre transpose into this line that starts out as an Alekhine's defense, it can transpose to a...Main Line of the Nimzo-Indian!

I'll leave the task of finding that move order as an exercise for the reader.


Allan said...

lol! The rooks look the best.

Anonymous said...

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