Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some Points to Ponder

Can Testosterone Make You Rich? (a small study of London stock traders)


The hormone testosterone (T) has a central role in recent theories about allocation of status ranks during face-to-face competition. It has been methodologically convenient to test the hypothesized T mechanism in physically taxing athletic contests, where results have been supportive, although their generalizability to normal social competition is questionable. Competition among chess players is a step closer to normal social competition because it does not require physical struggle, and it is the arena for tests of the T mechanism which are reported here. We find that winners of chess tournaments show higher T levels than do losers. Also, in certain circumstances, competitors show rises in T before their games, as if in preparation for the contests. These results generally support recent theories about the role of T in the allocation of status ranks.

(Courtesy of Elizabeth Vicary's cool blog [original post here])


Representative of a number of articles, this one says that to raise testosterone levels naturally:

  • Eat eggs, whey, meat and nuts, especially peanuts.
  • Lower body fat percentage.
  • Weight-bearing exercises, especially low-reps with max weight.
  • Limit alcohol consumption.
  • Get sufficient sleep.

All of which sound intriguing on their own merits, as methods of feeling good AND possibly raising your USCF rating through means other than tactical training.


Soapstone said...

Apologies for my wet blanket mood today. Testosterone is thought to be the major risk factor driving prostate cancer in much the same way that estrogen drives breast cancer.

Based on the pairings preview, I'll be your next opponent. Since my tournament sucks so far also, I'm willing to try something new. However, I like my chances if you come to the game smelling sauced.

Soapstone said...

If you try to sweep my leg with your drunken monkey style, I'll have to revive the old crane technique. "If do right, no can defense."

Wahrheit said...


I'm adopting a "UFC" style, karate, boxing wrestling, ju jitsu, jeet kun do and the kitchen sink. The style of no-style.

Looking forward to tomorrow, I hope we do get to play!

Anonymous said...

Bonds and Clements should have no problem hitting Expert.

ChargingKing said...

Hey robert. Do you think the USCF would create a link that has all blogs of USCF members? Sort of like a phonebook of sorts for those that wanted to be listed?

I figure you would be the guy to ask.

wang said...

Damnit Robert, you are going to make me go back to the gym. Problem is I fear it will interfere with my Chess study! *Heavy Sigh* What choice do I have? I really like winning.

Wahrheit said...

@LEP--Bonds only 767, he'll never mak it to 2000! :)

@CK--It sounds like a great idea that would be easy to implement, which is probably why the USCF will never do it...I'll ask them, though.

@Wang--low reps and max weight; we're looking for testosterone here, not muscles for the chicks to admire. Probably you can get out of the gym in about 20 minutes. Four bench presses at 200 lbs. only takes 30 seconds... :)