Monday, February 18, 2008

Tournament of the LEPers, Rd. 1

The excellent Liquid Egg Product is sponsoring a tournament for devotees and commenters; see the outstanding line-up of players here. A ten-player round robin on FICS at G/15 + 30, it promises to be a really fun and instructive event!

In the first round I played the Liquid Egg Product Man Himself, Donnie, and managed to win, though I missed a couple of things along the way...

(UPDATE: I see that when I quickly fired up this post last night I didn't give credit where due--Donnie is the one who pointed out right after the game that I had missed the win of a piece.)


transformation said...

what can you say whe two good friends have a fight?

nice job Robert!

and LEP, if only this were a double round robin, all play all tournement! sweet revenge!

congrats to Wahrheit. lets see what happens next!


Anonymous said...

You managed to win? You are far too kind; you outplayed me rather completely. It says a lot when you missed winning a piece and still had a completely winning position.

I hope to give you a better challenge next time around. :)

Wahrheit said...

Thanks Donnie--I don't like to crow too much about my wins because it's liable to come back to haunt was the kind of position where I just had to exercise some care, not play anything spectacular. I have a feeling you will indeed give me a great challenge next time!