Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Progress Report, Week 3

Concentrated on Chess Tempo this week--+56 -25, 1652 (1563), better than last week but still not nearly what I'm capable of--with no time limits I should be getting a lot higher percentage, like 90+. I'm really going to concentrate hard, ignore distractions and take whatever time is necessary.

Played one 15 5 game at FICS and had a very good and interesting game with someone rated 1767, which I eventually lost, so my standard rating is now 1645P (1677P).

And...okay, okay, I did play some blitz over at FICS, maybe 20 games and got my rating back over 1300, which does wonders for my ego (heh).

I know, my Plan said No blitz. In italics.

I can quit the crack cocaine of chess anytime.

Yeah, sure, we'll see next week...


Liquid Egg Product said...

Boo! Stink! You played blitz! Boo! Hiss!

(It's not like there are any Singaporean policemen with bamboo canes around to punish you. So this is probably about as close to a negative consequence as it's going to get.)

Wahrheit said...

Yeah, I know, I'm lower than a snake belly.

I hear it's the Iranian policemen that have taken over the world leadership in beating people with canes...Singapore has fallen into second place.

wang said...

Well Robert we all fall off the wagon from time to time when it comes to blitz. But I think it's great that you are keeping track of what you are doing, and sharing the results with us.

James Stripes said...

Perhaps we can start an online twelve-step group for blitzoholics. I've kept my blitz to a minimum this week, but mostly because I've been blogging as a madman (and getting ready for the holidays--why do we call something that requires so much housework a holiday?).

transformation said...

your blitz did not go unnoticed by at least *blush* one person whom i know well. you are excused (this one time only, please) for your addiction abuse. :)