Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Non-Chess Material, or, the Beauty of Individualism

Derek Slater comments on the Potpurri post:

I think it's great that you included the non-chess-related link on individualism. That'll help those blend-in-at-all-costs conformists like chessloser, dk-transformation and liquid egg. (heh.)

Since individualism is my greatest passion (besides chess) I present a link to one of my favorite individualist writers, Ilana Mercer.

She provides the photos below; totally non-chess related, but individualist enough for me to post!

and from a different angle...


transformation said...

please forgive my lack of comments lately, i have, IN FACT, BEEN by here several times and avoid creating more blogger garbage comments at all cost,

but too tired or not reved up enough to comment...

this is all great stuff, and you are a gigantic good heart.

ever come to Seattle? when you do, lets go have a beer! on me.

warmest, dk

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, yes. This appears to be a worthy ambassador of individualism.