Monday, September 24, 2007

"Flash Card" #1

It's painful to admit that I "committed" to working with Rolf Wetzell's "Flash Card" method of improvement 11 months ago.

I finally made my first computer generated "flash card" today.

The idea is to take specific instances where you missed something and immortalize them in a form where you can quickly review them over and over, eventually eradicating that type of mistake to the extent possible. Wetzell says in the book that he made an average of about two a week for eight years, resulting in about 800 images. Placing them in a binder or in some kind of computer-based viewer allows rapid, efficient review.

In order to encourage a lot more of these, I'll be posting on the blog...herewith, Flash Card #1:

The whole note section doesn't show up but this is taken from this recent Reno CC game. A full version is now in my notebook.

(h/t for the online diagram creator)

UPDATE 09.27.07: See the comments for further interesting analysis, which I'm sure is still not completely covering all the important possibilities. Seems that "Black is up material" is very paraphrase Barbie, "chess is hard."


Eric Shoemaker said...


Temposchlucker said...

So you make sure to never forget how to make an error? :)

Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, nice idea, but I think 13. Rh3! keeps the material even with White having the better development! The bishop can retreat nowhere where it is not exchanged or the Knight doesn't retreat as well after its exchanged (such as 13. Rh3, Bc6 14. Nxc6 and the Knight on f5 escapes). Further attacks on the Rook (13...Bb2 14. Rg3!) lead to nothing.

As comp, I suppose Black's Kingside pawns could prove a problem if Black can manage to get developed before anymore problems arise.


Eric Shoemaker said...

I forgot to mention probably the mostinteresting line: 13. Rh3!, Bg4 14. Nxg7+, Bxg7 (not much better is 14...Ke7 15. Rg3 or 14...Kd8 15. Rg3 or 14...Kd7 15. Rg3) 15. Rg3, Bxc3 16. Bxc3, Rg8 17. f3! winning


Wahrheit said...

Ahh, but in your last line Eric, what about 15. ... f5! 16. f3 Be5 17. Rg1 Bxf3 18. Bxe6 Bg4 and Black is still up a pawn? I'll have to look at it where I have a board and can really study it but it seems this line saves the least until further review.

Looking back on my thoughts during the game I realize that I also thought the Rh3 maneuver saved the day and that's why I went in for Qe5+; anyway thanks much for pointing all of this out. I'll be studying it further!

Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, I didn't see that resource, but White should then play 16. Bxe6 and if 16...Be5 then 17. Rg1 (threatening 18. Bxf5!, Bxf5 19. Rg5! winning back the Bishop) and if Black defends against that, with say 17...Bf6 or 17...h6, then White has 18. Bc8! which is probably winning as I don't see a defense to the "b7" pawn that wouldn't give up up the "f5" pawn (for instance, 18...Bf3).

It seems to me that White is winning after 13. Rh3!, but Hong would have play accurately and sharp to avoid damage.

Black's plan after doing something about 18. Bc8 should be to castle and play ...Re8 taking advantage of White's King in the center, but White has defenses and I don't think Black has time to both defend and come up with an active plan. Then Black is a pawn down in this line. However, Black could run the h-pawn at some point.

The first time I analyzed this, I took only five minutes, but to get to this position, I took 35 minutes for a total of 40 minutes! Hong might have taken longer.

Nevertheless, White has the better game due to Black's development problems, which is why White can win the pawn back and even be threatening to win a pawn. I don't see a defense to 18. Bc8!

Good work! And now you have some analysis to go with your Flash Card #1.


chessloser said...

nice idea...although i honestly think just writing the move down helps to reinforce the idea, make you think...but i dig the flashcard idea..if i made a flashcard for all the basic tactics i missed, i'd have an umberto eco sized book in two weeks...

Wahrheit said...

Eric, this is fun--how about 17. ... Nd7 18. f3 Bxf3 19. bxf5 0-0-0 and Black seems okay? :) I'll be writing more about this soon, but a J. Rowson's Chess for Zebras says something like the better the player, the less sure they are about things because they realize how really, really complex the game is.

I'm trying to get into that...thanks again for the stimulating analysis and thoughts.

transformation said...

outstanding Robert. you get the 'ne plus ultra award in chessic excellence'. warmly, dk

Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, White has to play 18. Nd1!? (threatening 19. Ne3 and 20. Nxg4 and also threatening the f-pawn) and if 18...0-0-0 then 19. Ne3, Bxb2 20. Rb1 will win the pawn back and the light-squared Bishops will probably be gone from the board, especially after 20...Bf6 21. Bxf5, Bxf5 22. Nxf5, Rde8+ 23. Kf1 and both sides are probably okay, although Black's h-pawn possibly falling is of some concern for Black.


takchess said...

I found this book and the flashcard concept to be interesting. Please note you have made exactly one more flashcard that I have made *).

Anonymous said...

hi robert, i check in on your blog on occasion and appreciate it. it seems you're analyizing the wrong situation. instead of beating up bd1 and rh3 variations, you should be asking yourself why did i play qf5, which seems to violate every principle of opening play, seems like c6 was necessary to give the queen an escape road. tim

Anonymous said...

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