Friday, September 14, 2007

Around the Chessosphere

Pale Morning Dun gives the best damn analysis of the Mexico World Championship tournament:

The nerd-in- training at the end is how I feel about Boris' chances. He's gonna get treated like a little boy at a simul, left dancing with himself and sucking on a bottle of pepsi.

World Championship Prediction : Cinqo.

Oh yeah, there's much more where that came from...

It's official--BlueEyedRook is full of absolute crap. Kudos to him for his fan-atical support of his USCL team, however.

Chessloser--back in black and working at a kitchen gadget store...perfect.

XY has moved from Caught in the Fire to Mythology. Don't know if it will always be about chess, but it will always be interesting.

rather bogus adventures trying to play in the N.E. Open give us some insight on the challenges of balancing family life and chess. Also, car trouble.

Finally, Rocky Rook has a beautiful post about giving back, and thinking about someone else in the context of chess. Very inspiring and refreshing.

Oh there's a lot more I'd like to highlight, but must run. More soon.


XY said...

Thank you for noticing.

I don't play much chess right now (but I might again, in time), but I still think playing chess involves an interesting mental activity to analyze and contrast other mental activities against. So I might continue writing about chess from that angle.

Ryan Emmett said...

Thanks for the Rocky Rook link. Inspiring stuff indeed...