Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Links

A couple of weeks ago I asked for people with chess blogs whom I haven't linked to let me know--

Nobis from Italy responded; his blog is Chess - On the Road to GM. Love the title, Nobis! Now adding to sidebar.

Anyone else that writes about chess, bring it on!

Nobis also points out in his latest post this ChessBase article on embracing risk to win tournaments. I think anyone who has studied the career records of Larsen and Beliavsky already understood this without crunching numbers; if you're as good as them and don't draw much, you'll win a lot of tournaments but occasionally finish last. Not many players have the optimism and nerves to come back from those occasional last places, however.

UPDATE 07/18/07: Eric Shoemaker, the Pale Rider, has a new blog called Shoemaker's Library: The Study of Chess Openings. So new it doesn't have any posts on openings yet, just a Mysterious Introduction and some interesting book lists. I'm sure Eric will have some opening study posts soon, so check it out from time to time.


Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, ha-ha! You haven't seen my latest! You must be getting old, I keep slipping things by you. lol


Wahrheit said...

Okay Mr. Nearing-2000, now the chess blogosphere is going to be looking for some brilliant opening stuff, so you'd better get cracking...

Nobis said...

Thank you Robert for linking me! I think the problem is that a drawish player hasn't even the possibility to win the tournament(if ther's a tactical player in good form, of course).
But that counts only in superGM torunaments, I think.

p.s. please vote in the poll I made in my blog. It's about the forthcoming World Chess Championship in Mexico City!!

Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, have no fear, I'll be getting going tonight. Eric

transformation said...

i do links like genetic alogrthms:

i keep adding them, but, there are many ranking chess players who say they are blogging, then 'peter out'.

then folks who have little or no chess pedegree, but are there week after week, or not high or low, but update regularly, and with interest (chess reassembler is an excellent example--fine cooking AND chess in my case).

i see 'Chess, On the Road to GM'. he might be a great chess player. but i am not adding him, yet.

i want to see him endure. then, we look at who is commenting, replies to our comments, and who makes comments to us.

if you look at my tool bar, it is very hierarchical.

those relevent to me.
those who have rank, but i dont read all the time. or those who dont have rank but are of great interest.
those who comment, but not post often.
those who NEVER respond to ANYTHING I SAY.
those who were active, etc.

in wall street, we have what are called special situations nezhmetdinov, japan and chess and the urban world).

if a company doesnt have great finances, but maybe owns some land, or a big lease but not money, etc, it has hidden value.

even bahus, who's link at my top tool bar, which is now failing, his work is so good, i am keeping it there, hoping he returns, etc.

but dont get caught up in every new effort, and see what inhers or endures.

there is always a new somebody.

then, when you find 'your stuff', you read it all, every week. then compare to your own struggle. :)

and then you can say, 'im glad thats not me', or, 'yea, what he says, thats me too. terrable!'

warmest, dk