Friday, July 20, 2007


That was the title of a very interesting book by Wolfgang Heidenfeld that contained well-played, exciting drawn games; it was also my result last night as I returned to tournament play at the Reno Chess Club and drew with Chris Harrington (1429) whom I had defeated in the last Swiss--but he looks like a young up-and-comer who's going to be moving up the ranks. Brief description--in a tense middlegame he played what we both thought was a nice tactical shot, I avoided all the moves that lost quickly and got out of immediate danger a pawn down, then in a rook ending with my rook on the seventh rank he repeated the position rather than get into a risky pawn-eating race. Since I was reasonably playing for a draw at that point the result was okay by me.

After the game, new club member and Expert-rated Nathaniel Garingo pointed out to us that I had a defense that would have kept an extra piece...oops. A very instructive piece of tactics, which I will present, along with the full game (when are you going to post the previous three games you keep promising to post? ed. Yeah, I know, I know!) when I return from a weekend trip that I'm leaving on in a few'll just have to wait a little longer for the details of my glorious DRAW!

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chessloser said...

i wanna see the piece of tactics and the positions of the game, but i'll be patient and wait...i dig the oldest chess piece pic....