Thursday, August 17, 2006

Tournament Report

The Hot August Knights weekend tournament of the Reno CC was held Aug. 11-13 and produced plenty of exciting chess and some big upsets. (I don't know why the Reno CC site doesn't open new windows to view the tournament report, game scores etc. but everything is on a link from the main page, including crosstables and 34 games to play through).

The tournament was somewhat of a personal disappointment for me, as I lost in the last round against P. Gafni (1557) when a win would have given me the 'Under-1601' prize and some ratings gain. Instead, I faltered from an excellent position a pawn up and eventually even lost.

This is the continuation of a disturbing trend, which you'll also note if you play over Hong-Pearson from Round 3. Against club secretary and the very generous sponsor of this tournament, Ernie Hong (2051), I played very well for awhile and then could not sustain the level of play required and eventually lost. I just don't have the stamina to play good tournament chess against the higher-rated; the only games I win are against opponents that I'm expected to win against based on rating.

Due to the rest of my life away from the board I can only play for about three hours in the evening at any kind of decent level, so for the near future I'm taking some time off from the 30/90, G/60 circuit. I know some of the other players probably have similar circumstances with job and family that interfere with their best chess--but I've about reached my limit for the time being of fading after a promising beginning. It doesn't help when besides a lack of rest there is also, let us call it, lukewarm family support for my chess career, as well.

Overall it was a very fun tournament with food and a fine spirit of comraderie and competition. I urge you to check out the games at the Game Archive on the menu at the above link.

And thanks very much to Ernie for all of his work, financial support and the Saturday evening pizza!

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