Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Checking Out?

Dennis Monokroussos of The Chess Mind considers retirement. Michael Goeller at The Kenilworthian considers going on hiatus.

Having myself taken some time off from blogging before I understand the need to recharge. I just hope both of these guys, two of the best chess bloggers around, don't make it permanent.

Now, here's something interesting, the Anchorage Chess Club site run by my old friend Nimzo. Apparently they have their own server to play online, as well. Nimzo used to constantly call me "Herr Doktor" because of my expressed admiration for Tarrasch, even as he (Nimzo) beat me in yet another blitz game. A strong player and a good organizer of chess for fun in the Anchorage area. Thanks for all the lessons, Nimzo!

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