Friday, February 10, 2006

Report on Last Night's Game

No time to input and post the score yet, but I lost to E. Reyes (1876) as White in an interesting Kings Indian, Four Pawns Attack. The part I'm really bummed about is that the pattern was the same as in many other games since I came back to tournament chess--I played well for the first three hours, got a very promising position, then my level of play fell off badly. I guess being woken up at 3:30 a.m. and not being able to get back to sleep is not the best way to prepare.

Actually, I'm proud of the effort I made, even if the result was a zero in the score table. I never gave up and just said "to hell with it." The game lasted 46 moves and almost 4 1/2 hours, until 11:30 p.m., and I kept trying to the end, though I was one level above zombie for the last hour. I sure wish the Reno Chess Club played a lot more Game/90 minutes or something like that. But that ain't the reality. So, onward and upward. I'll get the score up as soon as I can.

UPDATE (2/11/06): I'll have the score with some notes up at the Reno Chess Club archive page next week. I haven't found a good way to post games with push button play-through using Blogger and my Mac, as yet. Maybe there isn't one.

Also, I've decided that the above sounds too much like whining...everyone has personal problems that might affect their game. From now on, we'll concentrate on the chess here. The particular circumstances of how much sleep I got and what I had for dinner will not be included. They're not really relevant. If I find something in the way of food, coffee or other preparation that helps, however, I might share it, as actually useful information.

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