Monday, February 20, 2006

Last Week's Tournament Game

I defeated M. Soltani (1456) last Thursday night in an interesting ending. He unhesitatingly played the Exchange King's Indian as White, and after exchanging down to one black-square bishop each in a position where he had a couple of weak pawns, I thought I was going to gain a pawn. Instead, he lashed out with a pawn advance that would have won for him had I chosen the wrong way--but I saw a manuever that forced a trade of Bishops with a winning pawn ending for me.

I would like to post the game scores, but just putting the raw moves up doesn't seem very interesting on a website. I forgot to bring the score of my game with E. Reyes from the week before to the club, so it's not been posted yet on the Reno Chess Club game archive, but after this Thursday I'll have that taken care of and readers will have an easier time pointing out my mistakes. I hope you'll be so kind as to do so, so I can get better!

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