Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I'm Back (Yet Again)!

After a professional odyssey more strange than can be described using terms suitable for this (PG-rated) blog, I have begun writing for "pleasure" again. I've posted Fischer and You at GM Nigel Davies' The Chess Improver and will be coming through here at home with some original content in the next few days.



ChessAdmin said...

Hello Robert. If you don't have any original content yet, maybe some unoriginal content would do?

James Stripes said...

I read Endgame last week (finally--I bought it the monthh that it came out). Your blog post does a good job of hitting some of the amazing high points. Imagine an eleven year old with such a work ethic. Obsession is one thing, but Fischer obsessed in a way that proved immensely productive.

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