Friday, February 17, 2012

Killing Floor

The lyrics of this song remind me of the Goddess Caissa...we always come back, don't we? Relevant to chess, agree or disagree?

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James Stripes said...

In 1989 or thereabouts, I used to play chess with a friend who barely gave me a challenge, but he always opened a nice bottle of red wine and we listened to his extensive collection of Blues on vinyl and cassette. This song was on a cassette that he gave me, although I parted with all my cassettes a few years ago. Thanks for bringing it back. Albert King, chess, and wine are interconnected in my memories.

He moved on to teach high school in Chicago, while I remained in graduate school. Those moments of chess, music, and wine were brief. During a visit to Chicago, however, he got some of his old grad school chums into Koko Taylor's Blue's Club as "guests of the band" when Blyther Smith was performing.