Tuesday, November 08, 2011

November Chess Carnival is UP

The Prodigal Pawn has it.

A post of mine is not in it because I forgot to submit one until after the deadline...so it goes. There is a bunch of Chess.com stuff, which reminds me I need to figure out what to do about Chess.com. I have such limited time for chess right now, probably nothing. I play a bit on FICS and once in awhile play real live people here in my town. For study, I have maybe 50 books in my collection that I've bought over the years and never spent any time on...I guess I don't really need Chess.com, but there is apparently a good bit of fine content there.

The next, December, Carnival will be hosted by long-time Manager Blue Devil Knight, and you can submit here. After that, he is going to let someone else take over or the Carnival is going to lie fallow. Let him know if you're interested. I'm thinking about it.


Tommyg said...

Hey Robert!

Regarding Chess.com. Most of the content is available for free. So you don't need to pay for a subscription.

However the MANY of the Chess Mentor courses are AWESOME!

Silman's endgame courses in particular come to mind. You do need to be a subscriber to access Chess Mentor. What I do is just subscribe on a monthly basis when I want to work on a course and then go back to a free subscription when I am done with that course.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

I think you'd be a good choice to head up the Carnival, if you end up deciding you're up for it.

Wahrheit said...

@Tommy--thanks. I think chess.com is great; I just don't have any time to devote to it. I appreciated seeing the material that you linked.

@ChessAdmin--thank you for the kind words. I am only going to do it if I think I can do it well...