Sunday, June 26, 2011

Apologies to HeinzK!

I realized that I neglected HeinzK's offer to contribute to the 6th Chess Improvement Blog Carnivàle!

There is some very interesting stuff here, at the post he calls Chocolate. It is really quite awesome, especially if the Chocolate was laced with a hint of belladonna, hashish and LSD:

But what I currently have to say sidechess-wise about chess being a fantasy trip still has to be worked out more carefully and thoughtfully. Right now, chess is quite a stressful endeavour. When performing on a higher level there is even more "frustration" instead of less - secretly I had hoped that when you reach a higher level, you will reach a happier state of mind too; but, unsurprisingly, that is not the case - for an outsider it does not matter if you have 1200 or 2500, you're the most amazing chess player of the street. And for yourself, it's just the same old crap with the same dreaded pieces. There's not any more insight involved than when you were rated a thousand points lower, you don't have more power, you don't have more money, you don't have more friends, you aren't more eloquent, you aren't more socially accepted, you are still restless... - you still will have to figure out a way to progress in all of those fields outside the board. For some reason, at the start of the journey, years ago, I subconsciously expected inner peace, salvation and seventy-two virgins as the final reward. ;-) Right now I'm not so sure. But despite the periodically returning frustrated feelings, I have been having a blast in the meantime anyway.

There's some philosophy right there! Make sure and check out his older posts, as well.


HeinzK said...

Yes, the "chocolate" title of the blog entry is not entirely clear considering its text does not mention anything chocolate-related. There were some reasons:
- chocolate, like winning in chess, gives some sort of happier feeling that feels a bit "fake"
- while writing the blog I knew there was a chocolate bar waiting in the storage for me to eat it :)
- this song was playing while I was trying to come up with a title!

Liquid Egg Product said...

Imagine our disappointment upon discovering HeinzK's blog has nothing to do with ketchup.