Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sixth Chess Improvement Blog Carnivàle!

I am hosting the sixth chess improvement blog carnival (or carnivàle for those with flair)!

I can see that it will not be easy to match the awesomeness of the fifth, at Hebden Bridge Chess Club, or the fourth at Liquid Egg Product, the third at Blunderprone, the second at Brooklyn64, and the first at Founding Blogger Blue Devil Knight's Chess Confessions. I don't know what the THEME is going to be, yet. These guys had great THEMES. I'm sure something will occur--just get me the material, people!

Submissions go to the Chess Improvement Carnival page. You may submit your own or other content you like. Remember, if you want others to see it, then submit it! The Management is generously extending the deadline to June 2, so get cracking.
Party Down, Bloggers!


Liquid Egg Product said...

Awesome! Glad to see you back in the blogosphere. I have wondered what happened to you from time to time.

It's too bad you won't do any more politics, so I can't tell you how wrong you are about not wanting Big Brother to watch over us.

Wahrheit said...

Ha, well I'm tempted but I am now a man of action rather than mere blog posty words.

Ivan said...