Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The New Blog Look

Those who have been visiting here for awhile will have noticed the new look.  Anybody care to commment?  Improvement, deevolution, I Hate Orange?  One addition is that now you can hit the "interesting," "cool" or "totally useless" buttons.  The buttons are, probably, "totally useless" but I'll see if they add any value.

Some more customization of the blog is on the way.


Russell said...

Behold, the power of a RSS reader obscures the design whims of bloggers!

But now that I have looked at the site, the orange does look nice.

Gorges Smythe said...

Since you seem to be underwhelmed with comments, I'd guess that most folks who read your blog are like me and care more about content than appearances. Then again, what would you expect; we're conservatives! Liberal blogs, on the other hand, should be downright artsy, since liberals are more interested in appearance than substance.

chesstiger said...

Looks nice and clean. If that is what you like then keep it, if its not to your liking then play with the lay-out a bit more like i did.

The Mascot said...

Orange...the color of vomit.