Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Memorable Game 5: My Biggest Upset and First Victory over a Class A

My previous "Memorable Games" have been from the period 1986-87 when I was already around Class B strength. The following game, played after about 18 months of serious tournament chess experience, was more of an upset in that my opponent was rated 601 points higher, and I don't think I had won against anyone over about 1600 before this.

LaRoy O'Doan was around the Expert level at his peak, and I played him just a couple of years ago in Reno, though of course 25 years later and after some health problems he wasn't as strong and I managed to win two more games with him.

In this game, I play quite well for someone so inexperienced; in fact, I don't think I could play it much better today!

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chesstiger said...

Is that rating behind your name (1327) correct? You didn't play at all like a player with that kind of rating. It seems as if the ratings are placed behind the wrong player.

Wahrheit said...

Thanks chesstiger, yes that really was my rating--I was just having one of those spurts of improvement, apparently. This was the first round of a city championship qualifier and I believe I had about a 1600+ performance in the tournament and went up about 100 points within a few months.

LinuxGuy said...

The game was won or lost on move 19. Online I may play clumsy and fall into that same mistake, but OTB I personally spend my time focusing on square-control and spotting stuff like that.

You didn't mess up your won game, which many D rated players might do. Hopefully, you get a ratings boost and continue to show the same winning form at class C level!

Anonymous said...

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