Thursday, July 09, 2009

Memorable Game 4: I Defeat My First Expert, B. Brandt - RLP 05.13.87 0-1

I had defeated several USCF Class A players by the spring of 1987 and raised my rating to the low 1700s, but no Experts had fallen to my bad kung fu until this game. This was the same year my opponent won the Nevada State Championship, and even now Barry is still competing at the Reno Chess Club!

Admittedly, he plays the opening in "coffee house" style and I just take advantage, but I'm proud of my play. After I obtained a winning position I did make a couple of (?!) moves but fortunately they merely prolonged the game slightly.

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Rocky said...

There're some serious fireworks going on in that game! I was a bit confused from the title of the game in the flash viewer ... I thought you were white, but then I realized you were playing with black.

Sweet win!

Wahrheit said...

Thanks Rocky, for pointing that out (and for your kind words). I fixed the typo.

It has been really interesting to look at these old games. I had some really fresh ideas in the 80s, and I need to bring that to my play again!

CHESSX said...

Nice game,plenty of aggressive chess.

CMoB said...

Way to go! Throughout most of the game you looked like the expert ;)

Aaron DeWeese said...

I enjoy examining these very much Robert! Hope to see many more of your games!

I just love that sweet little ChessFlash w. your added game notes and it's nifty styled pieces too!

Petr said...

This was a nice game! I like this kind of play. No boring positional things, but tactics combat.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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