Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some Non-Chess Entertainment

Scroogle - no cookie, no search-term records, access log deleted every 48 hours...SO THEY SAY. Could this be a COVER for Google to get you to let your guard down. Is it run by the FBCINSA? Nah. Only a guy who has read Illuminatus! seven times would think that way.

Guy goes "undercover" at Wal-Mart and feels just fine.

Roger L. Simon on A Night with Timothy Leary. In Hollywood, no less. I actually attended one of the Leary/G. Gordon Liddy road shows mentioned in the piece, around 1981-2 at the campus of the University of Nevada Reno. I also read a lot of Leary's books. There's more than meets the eye to him--and to Liddy.


Anonymous said...

Liddy is a convicted felon, fascist murderous bastard. What do you mean "more than meets the eye" is he even worse? Stick to chess blogs.

64 squres of mind said...

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Anonymous said...

For those of you worried about Google storing your porn searches...25% of all searches are porn-related, so it's not like you're going to stand out.

Yes, even if "threesome with magic markers and tomato soup" is right up your alley...

John said...

I was with you!

Wasn't it at the Colosseum?

..I've got autographs somewhere : )


Wahrheit said...

John, indeed you were. It's great to hear from you. I can hardly believe it! I'll be in touch with more soon.