Friday, July 18, 2008

LEPers II, Rd. 3, LEP-RLP 0-1

Testing, testing--will this be my ChessFlash debut?

Yes, it works. Thanks Glenn Wilson! I need to make some adjustments, but I'm glad to get this done the first time

In the game, well there are quite a few big errors, most of LEP's moves 13-18, which leave me with a clear rook-up win, and my 27th, 29th and 33rd, which almost give it back...oh well, I'm 2-1 with a chance to make the final. I love the LEP tournaments, thanks Donnie!

(UPDATE: Actually I'm only 1-1 in my section, and my schedule has not been conducive to getting in the remaining two games...apologies to Wang and Takchess, I'll be in touch to try to get our games played).

I do really like one move I made in this game, 8. ...e5! which looks like a loss of time, but seizes space. It's like I'm playing White in a main line King's Indian, and he has the extra move c3. I'm not saying it's "all that" but it was an original thought (for me).



Glenn Wilson said...

"but it was an original thought (for me). " Original thoughts that work out are always nice!

Anonymous said...

July 8? Wow, it's been a while.

Yeah, I'm still irritated I couldn't find a way to come all the way back. But then again, it's usually not a good idea to be down a Rook in the first place.