Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Come on Over: Western States Open October 12-14, Reno NV

(NOTE: Periodically bumped to top to promote this high-quality tournament. Please scroll down for most recent posts).

8/21/07: Back to the top one more time--chessloser and possibly Wang are coming--hope you can join us!


Calling all readers of this blog, and all tournament chess players:

You are cordially invited to play in the 25th Western States Open October 12-14 in Reno. I played in the first few of these back in the 1980s and they have come a long way--from a regional event with maybe 60 players to a U.S. Championship qualifier with over 300 players and a number of Grandmasters in the Open section field.

There will also be simuls by Larry Evans or John Donaldson (Wed.) and Walter Browne (Thu.), a blitz event and a free champagne reception and lecture by GM Evans Thursday evening.

I'll be there and I will be taking Thursday afternoon off--any chess blogger or reader who shows up by then, I'll buy you a drink! If at least one other blogger shows up, I'm going to declare it a chess bloggers convention. If two or more make it we'll have a tournament!

If you're planning to play a tournament anytime soon, make it this one. There's also plenty for your wife and kids to do within walking distance of the hotel--which is very inexpensive, to boot.

Let me know if you're interested. It's going to be great chess times.

ADDENDA 07/27/07: 1) "[W]ife and kids" is not intended to preclude women players, single people or anyone else, and I hope no one takes it that way. Come one, come all, regardless of status, preference, etc. 2) You don't have to show up Thursday afternoon to get the free drink. Even if you take a bye in round one you'll get your drink Friday night, if necessary. And one for your significant other. The kids will have to make do with soda or juice.


wang said...

Man oh man...

I am too excited about this one, the rates for the room are really cheap. I'd have to take some time off from work, but I might be able to swing this.

It all hinges on what's going on over the next few weeks. I had made some tentative plans for October.

I hope I can see you there.

chessloser said...

dude, i am sooooo there....

Wahrheit said...

Thanks for your interest guys! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, I'm pretty sure I am going to be there, but not sure which section I will play in. I'm hoping to be able to play in the Open Section. In any case, I am there!!


Anonymous said...

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