Monday, February 05, 2007

My Queen Sacrifice!

Well, I don't know if you'd really call it a sacrifice, since I get more than enough for the queen. From my game with Qxh7# at Red Hot Pawn. He's a very gracious opponent.

I'll bet he was pretty shocked by 18. ... Nxc4, and even if it wasn't a real sacrifice I think it has a certain aesthetic quality.

The finish was 19. Bc5xe7 Bg7d4 20. Kg1h1 Nc4e3
21. Qc2a4 Bb7xg2 22. Kh1h2 Bd4e5 23. Kh2g1 Bg2xf1 24. Be7c5 Be5xc3
25. Bc5xe3 Bf1xh3 26. bxc3 Re8xe3 27. Qa4c6 Ra8e8 28. Qc6xc7 Re8c8
29. Qc7xa7 Rc8xc3 30. Qa7b8 Kg8g7 31. Qb8b2 Kg7h6 32. a4 Re3g3 33. Kg1h1 Bh3f5
34. Qb2d2 g5 35. Qd2d6 Kh6h5 36. Qd6e7 Kh5h4 37. Qe7b4 Kh4h3 38. Ra1g1 Bf5g4 0-1

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