Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Che Plays Chess!

Of historical interest only. Looks like a simul with a Bolivian...I think Che's going down!


Eric Shoemaker said...

Hi Robert, that's interesting. How are you? I'm real busy this semester, so I doubt I will play much chess, if I do, it will be in about 7 weeks. I would like to play for us on the North Team, but I have to pass a Math Midterm first. Before school started, I did take five weeks to learn the Ruy Lopez well enough to play it. I can't wait to start playing again. I may ask the professor if I can take the Final Exam early. If I can, it means I can play sooner. Hope all goes well in your games. See you later. Your number somehow got erased off my machine, so call me Wednesdays or Thursdays or I'll come get it from you when I have time. Eric

Newvictorian said...

I'll probably be back to playing in the November tournament, Eric. I'll be in touch soon.