Monday, May 22, 2006

Final Round

I was defeated by E. Reyes (1867) in the last game of the Reno CC Ch. Qualifyer last Thursday night, but a heck of a game it was. You can play it over in the archives at the Reno CC site. I'm dissatisfied and disappointed at losing this game and not making the playoffs, but proud of the effort and level of play I showed overall. The game was a real barnburner, and after almost four and a half hours and 45 moves I had a chance too win, but missed the winning move. 46. h4! should do the trick--Black is practically in zugzwang, according to the postgame analysis by some of the club's top players and me.

Anyway, on to the next tournament...there are several strong players who didn't qualify and hopefully they'll be in the June Swiss. Meanwhile, too much me, me, me is dull, dull, dull, so my next posts will be about the wider world of chess and other, more intersting subjects.

I'm on vacation in Arizona right now, recovering. Not from the loss, but from so-called 'real life.' Heh!

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