Monday, January 30, 2006

New! Exciting! Chess Blog!

Well, two out of three would be okay. I love chess--playing it, studying it, reading about it. My other blog had a chess item or two, but I've decided my chess life needs it's own blog.

More to come!

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transformation said...

what i wrote is not yet to my standards, and if you will kindly reread sat will find some changes, and hopefull improvments.... im tired, but several emails wait on you here, so must finish.

sorry it isnt better. i want more... i am allocating 45 min now right after work, 1130 pst, to revise and add and tidy and fill out, and clarify.

to be with another is but a mirror of our own selfs.

warmest, dk
ps i put comments way back like this that are quasi private...

im so tired now, but make my energy raise.

the kundalini of writing.